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What does Epic do?


We don’t just point and shoot. Storytelling is in our DNA. Everything starts with an idea. But while anything can be filmed, our goal is to help develop the idea that’s right for you. ‘Epic does Concept Development.’

Concept Development 



Filmmaking is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out of the frame. At Epic what’s in the frame is cinematic broadcast quality images and sound. And what’s out of the frame is a dedicated passionate crew using the best equipment available for your project. ‘Epic does commercials, promo videos, music videos, live events, interviews and... any type of video you need!’



What’s the point of putting in all that time and hard work if you’re not going to get it right in the end? The last step is just as important as the first, that’s why Epic works on the most up-to-date visual and audio editing software to ensure there’s nothing you don’t want in the final product. ‘Epic does post-production.’


multi-monitor-video-editing-setup 2.jpg

We do everything.

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